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Control Energy Costs is an independent energy consultancy providing specialist Energy Procurement, Audits and Management services throughout the UK. CEC provide businesses with a full utility management and procurement service covering energy electricity, gas, water and associated costs.



With companies striving more now than ever to reduce their carbon footprint, services that provide an understanding of energy usage are proving essential to the running of sustainable businesses. Since March 2012, Control Energy Costs (CEC) has been working with IMServ, the UK’s leading energy management service provider, to deliver their business customers an energy management and procurement service covering electricity, gas, and water and associated costs.

Climate Change

Covering 25% of the UK’s entire electricity consumption, IMServ help the growing issue of climate change by providing CEC with accurate energy data which allows their clients to hone in on their energy use, and ultimately aid them to improve energy consumption and reduce costs.

Speaking to Phil Ager, Managing Director of CEC, he explains that, “You have businesses that are very aware of their environmental responsibilities, and on the other end of the spectrum, others that are so focused on the day to day running of their business that such responsibilities are very low on their list of priorities. By partnering with IMServ, we are able to obtain data that allows us to provide reports and updates to help them measure energy consumption wherever they may be.

Our reporting services highlight areas where our clients can make changes to improve their carbon footprint. “This not only helps businesses from an environmental responsibility perspective, but also financially. Businesses often find it easier to buy into the idea once they see some numbers – sometimes they want to know what it’s all worth in hard cash.” With figures provided and displayed in easy-to-view graphical formats, CEC are able to help businesses educate staff on their energy consumption and pinpoint areas for savings.


Education is a key component of climate change. The mind-set of the general public, employees and business needs to change so that future generations can reap the benefits. Interestingly, CEC works with many customers in the education sector, helping schools and colleges to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. “Having data supplied by IMServ means we are able to provide visibility on energy consumption to our educational sector clients, which can also be used as a tool to help educate their students. A local school that we provide services to frequently comment how visibility on usage has helped them identify significant savings simply by checking the obvious – they can clearly see when things are not being turned off.”

The Carbon Trust recently conducted a study that showed how UK schools could reduce energy costs by around £44 million per year, preventing 625,000 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere. Therefore, if schools changed their way of thinking and started using energy data collection and metering services in combination with energy audit and management service providers such as CEC, not only would they be more efficient and save money, but could educate students and teach them to think about energy consumption and conservation.

Business Attitudes

Michelle Giles, Head of Commercial and Customer Care at IMServ, explains, “Customers benefit from using established partnerships by ensuring the best services are implemented with limited hassle, while maximising available expertise and delivering the right solution to the customer.”

Phil Ager said: “There are businesses out there that like to make a declaration to their customers that they are taking environmental issues seriously. Although it is fashionable these days to ‘go green’, many large corporations need to make sure that their key decision makers understand the value of data collection and visualisation service providers such as IMServ.”

The relationship between CEC and IMServ has to be close for the energy consumption data to be detailed and consistent enough to provide regular energy Efficiency results. To help the partnership, IMServ provides their customers, including CEC, with a dedicated relationship manager who assists with day-to-day issues. For example, any new installations that need processing can be done quickly and effectively due to the constant communication between the two companies.

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