Half Hourly Metering

There are 300,000 larger non-domestic sites at which the use of half-hourly metering to record electricity consumption is mandatory. For these sites, accurate information on electricity use is fed into the industry’s settlement systems for every half-hour of the day.

Half-Hourly Metering

The meters themselves have in-built communications modules that allow for remote half-hourly data collection services. Consumption information, for both import and export of electricity, is recorded for every half-hour of the day, as well as registers to keep track of cumulative consumption and maximum demand.

There are specific requirements for metering used that depend on the maximum size of the electrical load at the site. In simple terms, the larger the site, the more complex and accurate the metering requirements are. IMServ supports all industry half-hourly metering requirements.

The service consists of:

Benefits of using IMServ: