Helping all sectors and industries achieve better managed energy. Energy management and cost reduction are real concerns across all industry sectors and business functions. We recognise that every organisation is different and faces its own specific challenges. We can deliver professional services tailored to all business types, identifying opportunities for cost reduction, managing energy usage, reducing wastage and helping you meet legislative compliance.

End Users

Whether you own a large business or a specialist outlet we offer both metering and 

data collection solutions suitable for single and multiple site businesses.


Our approach is to understand your energy drivers, your constraints and your goals and look to offer the right solutions for your organisation by understanding your unique energy needs and offering appropriate solutions.

We help a wide range of organisations to understand how, when, where and why they are using energy. From smaller retail stores to large manufacturing plants to hospitals or commercial properties and public sectors; the ability to monitor and manage your energy usage with accurate energy intelligence can bring tangible savings empowering you to reduce costs, control carbon and minimise consumption.


IMServ, based in Milton Keynes, was originally founded by energy suppliers in 1992 as UKDCS 

providing Half Hourly data services to the entire electricity market in the UK.

In 1999 UKDCS was acquired by Invensys and renamed IMServ. In 2000 IMServ acquired Meterpoint, enabling IMServ to provide meter operation services in addition to data services. In 2014 Invensys was purchased by Schneider Electric, IMServ is part of the Energy and Sustainability division within Schneider Electric, as an independent brand. Within our metering portfolio we manage over 270,000 metering systems as a Non Half Hourly and Half Hourly Meter Operator, over 70,000 Half Hourly meter points as a Data Collector, over 900,000 meter points as a NHH Data Processor and Data Aggregator and over 25,000 sub metering systems as a Data Collector and Meter Operator. IMServ is an accredited Data Collector, Data Aggregator and Meter Operator in the UK, delivering services in line with the BSCP to ensure industry requirements are delivered to a high standard. IMServ’s HH and NHH metering and data services are provided directly to many new or established Electricity Suppliers for I&C and SME business customers.


IMServ Partnerships are a great way for Energy Consultancies to monetise the provision of meter operations, data collection & visualisation services in a way that delivers their customers reliable day +1 access to their energy consumption data.


This is all done independently of their energy suppliers which is appealing to many energy consultancies. Many of our existing energy consultancy partners view the provision of this daily consumption data as an important raw material in that it allows them to better provide more effectively a wide range of their core services such as energy procurement, bill validation, compliance related services and energy management advice

We would be pleased to work with you whether you are a small business or a large organisation. The key requirement is you are able to recognise the growth potential of our metering, data collection, data visualisation and energy saving services and how they fit into both your organisation and your service offering. Our existing Partner base is made up of traditional energy consultants, energy buying groups, facility management and landlord consortiums, to name just a few. We offer a range of Partner models designed to match your growth aspirations, time constraints, technical knowledge and expertise to help you get the best value from our products.

  • Introducer Agreement – introduce a customer to IMServ who subsequently contracts with us for these metering and or data collection services and you will (have an option to) be paid a commission on this contract introduction. IMServ takes care of the service delivery and technical requirements.
  • Framework Agreement – subcontracting a range of critical fiscal and non-fiscal metering, data collection, aM&T, control and other services to us, enabling you to profitably grow and secure your business with your customers. Suited to organisations keen to lead the customer relationship.
  • Management Fee Agreement – we can take the hassle out of fee collection and collect your service fee on your behalf that you would otherwise need to collect directly from your customer.
  • EDV Licence Agreement (Also known as Supplier Nominated Agreements for data collection) – suited to Partners where rapid data provision is the main requirement. Gaining approval from your customer to appoint IMServ (via the Energy Supplier) and our energy management portal EDV, enables you and your clients access to the data consumption online.


Originating in 1992 as the sole Data Collector to the UK’s electricity market, prior to the full deregulation of the industry, IMServ has been involved in various stages of the industry’s evolution and service provision. 

With current industry roles of Data Collection, Meter Operations and BSC Central Services, IMServ can offer structured and unique services to support the industry’s ongoing monitoring and management of the settlement process and future evolution.

Our Accreditations