IMServ delivers Capacity Market entry for Anglian Water


Anglian Water Capacity Market T
Launched to ensure sufficient reliable electricity capacity is available, the Capacity Market provides an opportunity for businesses to receive revenue by ensuring sufficient generation or load capacity management to the grid at times of system stress. With the market in its infancy, water company Anglian Water approached IMServ to help them ensure entry.

“The Capacity Market has strict guidelines for market entry, and with a deadline of only eight weeks to complete installation, we had to work quickly with Anglian Water and Electricity Market Reform Settlement (EMRS) to determine the initial project requirements before beginning our approach,” said Katrina Coombes, Bureau Manager at IMServ.

“As Anglian Water was one of the forerunners in entering the Capacity Market, this was a new and exciting challenge. It required all of IMServ’s expertise and experience to understand and execute the installation within a tight timeframe.”

A bespoke Capacity Metering solution of 77 meters on back up on-site generation was installed, and IMServ created the technical WP197 Metering Statements, which passed the EMRS validation. By employing end-to-end project management and a consultative approach, any issues that arose throughout the complex process were quickly resolved.

Katrina notes that the ground-breaking nature of the work nonetheless threw up challenges: “One aspect involved producing metering packs containing CT and metering certificates as well as data from the installed meters – as there were no prior examples of these packs available, we had to create a format that would achieve approval from EMRS. To add to the pressure, the approval process took time, and with no possibility of extending the deadline there was little room for error.”

Finally, Anglian Water and IMServ attended a metering test and site audit with EMRS, in order to ensure compliance with the EMRS guidelines. Subsequent audits have also taken place since the approval, with a 100% success rate.

The result was Anglian Water securing entry into the Capacity Market, enabling it to receive ongoing revenue from the scheme.

Tom Lee, Energy Contracts and Information Manager at Anglian Water, said: “IMServ were quick to respond to our request for a quotation and tailored a service that met our requirements. The short timescale was very challenging but IMServ showed excellent flexibility, depth of knowledge and expertise to enable us to successfully obtain our Metering Test Certificate from EMRS.”

Katrina credits the relationship between the two parties as crucial to the success of the project. “We worked closely with Anglian Water throughout the process, providing technical support and regular updates whenever required,” she said, “This communication and teamwork was a key factor in achieving the outcome that both we and Anglian Water wanted.”

Since the installation of the project, IMServ has been delivering ongoing data collection from the capacity meters, providing accurate data for settlement in the Capacity Market to ensure accurate payments. The project is now being expanded to other energy generation sources.