IMServ takes first place in the 2018 BSC audit

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We take pride in our capabilities as one of the UK’s leading independent energy data providers and are very proud that this has been confirmed by the annual BSC audit.


Each year IMServ is audited by ELEXON in each of our agent roles under the Balancing & Settlement Code (BSC). The BSC Audit reviews systems and processes of the Utility Suppliers and their agents, including Meter Operators and Data Collectors for the Half Hourly and Non Half Hourly Settlement Markets.

The audit delivers a comparison table of organisations within the electricity trading arrangements and shows how each have performed in their roles; essentially comparing IMServ with our direct competitors.

The Balancing & Settlement Code is a document that sets out the processes and mechanisms for organising the trading and settlement of electricity in Great Britain. An important part of this is the monitoring of electricity usage with metering to ensure each 30 minute trading period is correctly balanced and paid for.

This official recognition from the industry regulator should give our customers assurances that the metering and data collection services they receive from us are the top in the industry.

The results

The 2018 audit brought fantastic results for IMServ, ranking us first for our core responsibilities in providing energy data to businesses:

Half Hourly Data Collector (HHDC) – joint 1st place

Half Hourly Data Aggregator (HHDA) – joint 1st place

Half Hourly Meter Operator Agent (HHMOA) – 1st place (top of the board)

Non Half Hourly Data Collector (NHHDC) – joint 1st place

Non Half Hourly Data Aggregator NHHDA – joint 1st place

Non Half Hourly Meter Operation Agent (NHHMOA) – 3rd place

What this means for you

Receiving quality energy data through specialist and well maintained metering equipment is at the heart of effective energy management and sustainability activities, as well as accurate billing and improved forecasting.

Steve Brown, Managing Director, of IMServ commented: “This year’s results are fantastic with IMServ ranked first for all but one of our industry roles. It’s great to see IMServ being officially ranked as the top Half Hourly Meter Operator in the UK.

Given the volume of work processed by the operational teams, especially for P272*, and the challenges of working with multiple customers and some inexperienced suppliers, these results are a superb reflection of the commitment and skills of our Operational Department and the quality of the management, controls and monitoring that happens at multiple levels across all areas.”

*P272 is a historic mandatory regulatory change which required businesses with Non Half Hourly Metering and those within Profile Classes 5-8 to transition to the Half Hourly settlement market. Since April 2016 business sites within Profile Classes 5-8 are settled Half Hourly and have Metering

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