Our Guide to Sub-Metering

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Sub-metering is the perfect solution for businesses with energy efficiency at the top of their agenda.

Are you a landlord, looking to gain greater insight into your tenants’ energy usage?  Or perhaps you’re an energy-conscious organisation, looking for a departmental breakdown of your company’s energy usage?

IMServ’s sub-metering solution gives you an even greater insight into your energy data, helping you take the next step along your energy management journey.

What is Sub-Metering?

Sub-metering is the installation of additional meters alongside the main building meter, in order to gather data from a specific area of a site or piece of equipment.  Sub-metering can help provide a better understanding of your business’ energy usage, and identify areas where wastage may occur.  For example, a hospital with a sub-metering strategy in place will be able to identify how much energy specific equipment or machinery is using.  Using this insight, you may be able to make cost-effective decisions – can that power-draining machine be turned off overnight or left on standby?

Why Would I Need Sub-Metering?

If you have one meter collecting energy data for a large space, it can be difficult to understand which appliances may be using more energy than others.  For example, in a University, where lighting and machinery are all major energy users, it can be difficult to separate how much each function consumes and when, which can make energy management more challenging.

The Benefits of Sub-Metering

Sub-metering provides a clear insight into energy usage for individual tenants, departments or pieces of equipment, and allows for better understanding of what is influencing poor energy performance and where.

Sub-metering can also help you:

  • Gain more detail in your energy profile, enabling you to identify energy-hungry processes and focus on reviewing areas of high usage
  • Eliminate the need for estimates by recording actual energy usage, making for more accurate billing from your Supplier
  • Become better-informed to make decisions that will help optimise your energy strategy
  • Meet regulatory obligations (e.g., ESOS)
  • Clearly see the impact of operational changes

Data and Visualisation

IMServ believes that quality data visualisation is just as important as the data itself.  We’re here to help you make better use of your energy data – that’s why we continuously invest in our data visualisation platforms.

When utilising our sub-metering solution, IMServ will also provide you with access to our data visualisation platform, giving you full transparency of your energy data.  You will be able to schedule your data on a regular basis, with options of daily, weekly, monthly or just one-off views, enabling you to make comparisons over time across your entire portfolio, or even to aid in bill verification.

Our visualisation platform  also ensures that  all your data will be kept in a secure location meaning only you will have access to it. If you have water or gas sub-meters, speak to us about our logging solutions and how we can give you in-depth insight into all your energy data.

For more information on sub-metering or to take the next step on your energy management journey, get in touch on 01908 696000 | contactus@imserv.com

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