‘Tis the season to be energy efficient

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Christmas energy saving tips for businesses


08 December, Milton Keynes, UK: The run up to Christmas is a busy time for most businesses and despite many offices being closed over the festive period, companies are usually shocked when they receive their energy bills in the new year, according to IMServ Europe, the UK’s largest independent energy data management provider.

James Graham, Hardware Product Manager at IMServ, says:

“In the build up to the festivities, energy savings are usually the last thing on people’s minds. All too often the good practices of the rest of the year are abandoned, Christmas lights are left on overnight and energy bills soar.

“For example, leaving the lights on overnight in a small office wastes enough energy to heat water for 1,000 cups of tea, and leaving a photocopier on overnight wastes enough energy to make over 5,000 A4 copies.”

IMServ works closely with many FTSE 250 organisations advising on effective energy management solutions, including many high street retailers such as Carphone Warehouse and Pizza Hut. The company has offered their five top energy saving tips for businesses which could help to reduce costs:

  1. When everyone leaves the premises for the Christmas holiday, make sure all computers, printers, photocopiers and non-essential equipment are turned off at the plug socket. Do not leave things on standby, especially monitors. Don’t forget the less obvious appliances like the microwave, kettle and lamps.
  2. Ensure all your water taps are not left on or dripping. A tap that is left on can waste up to 3,500 litres of water a week. A monitoring system can help to detect water wastage and assist in identifying potential savings.
  3. Have you got a Building Management System (BMS)? A BMS needs to be regularly checked to ensure it is performing correctly. By checking that time schedules and set points are correct your BMS could save up to 30% of your on-site energy spend.
  4. Reducing your heating by 1°C will decrease energy usage by 8%, so make sure you turn down the thermostat. Also make sure you have adequate frost protection in place.
  5. Only put your Christmas lights on whilst the premises are occupied and if possible buy a timer so they are switched off automatically every evening. Consider changing your Christmas lights to LEDs which are more energy efficient than standard light bulbs.

James continues:

“The last day in the office before the Christmas holiday is essential for monitoring energy efficiency; however people are often so excited about finishing work as soon as possible basic energy saving practices are often missed. Retailers need to be particularly careful as they are under increasing pressure each year to really go to town on their Christmas lights and window displays.

“Leaving a computer on over the Christmas holiday can produce the equivalent of 3 lifesize inflatable Santas worth of CO2, and a heater left on will generate enough CO2 to fill 77 inflatable Santas. Many businesses also leave Christmas lights on overnight and although they may look great, they are using unnecessary electricity that few people will see. Leaving lights on in unattended buildings can also be a fire hazard. ”

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