IMServ welcomes launch of Energy Data Taskforce

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The Energy Data Taskforce, launched by the government and Ofgem will deliver recommendations for how industry and the public sector can work together on behalf of the energy sector. The aim of the taskforce is to reduce costs and facilitate competition, innovation and new business models in the energy sector, through improving data availability and transparency.


Justin Vroone, Commercial Director at IMServ, explains: “Metering data is a key energy data component that should be central to all advancements in the move to a decentralised energy landscape.

“Historically energy data from meters, building controls, alternate energy supplies or even location-based demand and other meta data has been hidden. It has then been controlled by the parties holding the data to create barriers and in most instances, for commercial gain.

“At IMServ we look at things differently and have always viewed the data we collect as belonging to the customer, and with their permission we make it available to whomever the customer wishes. What the taskforce is doing is encouraging all businesses to follow suit, to provide visibility of collected data to better facilitate the development of smart grids and advances in technologies for a decentralised energy system.”

“Take electric vehicle charge points as an example as to the benefits visibility of energy data can deliver for the industry. Innovation in energy resilience and the UK Government’s drive for net zero emission targets is creating a growth in the deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charge points throughout the UK. If growth in EV vehicles continues as expected, to what some predict to be over nine million, this will bring a demand for a 2.6GW to 8.1GW extra net peak demand by 2030 as a result of electrification of transport.

“It is vital that the taskforce is focussed on preparing the grid for the upcoming challenges this increased uptake of EVs (as well as electric heat pumps) will have on the grid network. Metering data will be pivotal in providing the energy data needed to deliver the required visibility of the demands and remove the issues and concerns surrounding what is currently an ‘unseen demand’ on the grid network.

“Opening up visibility of energy data and specifically the availability and further deployment of metering data is a huge step towards creating network operational transparency and is essential for the UKs future smart grids, smart technologies and net zero buildings.”

IMServ has been installing mains meters and sub-meters to commercial businesses for over 20 years and has over 282,000 commercial sites online.


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