The first steps to becoming a Net-Zero Hero

UK Energy Net Zero Hero

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The UK Government has announced a net-zero carbon emissions target for 2050, creating a huge challenge for many UK businesses.

During the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 outbreak, we understand that reaching these targets may seem more daunting than ever. IMServ has put together this guide to help you both save money and stay on track to achieve your net-zero goals.

The business case for achieving net-zero emissions spans beyond appearing more ‘green’. As non- commodity energy costs are set to rise over the next five years due to the Climate Change Levy, businesses should strive to take control of their energy management and take the necessary steps to meet their own business sustainability goals, such as ensuring their buildings have strong energy performance ratings and encouraging green ways of working. For information on how to make your business more energy efficient, take a look at our energy-saving guide.

Encourage greener behaviour Involving your staff in your business’ energy-saving initiatives is one of the most effective first steps in reaching your net-zero goals. Simple measures, such as encouraging staff to switch off lights when a room is not in use, or shutdown equipment at the end of the day, can greatly reduce your energy consumption.

Making your staff aware of your energy-saving initiatives is a great first step in instilling an energy cultural change within your business.

By engaging employees at all levels, improving energy efficiency, consumption and management becomes a shared responsibility in every part of your organisation.

Some effective ways to reach your staff can be through the development of a best practice Energy Policy, delivering an energy training programme, and review and modification of management systems and procedures around energy.

Metering and data Energy metering is key to unlocking your full net-zero potential. Monitoring your energy consumption through metering and clear, accurate energy data will enable you to identify any ‘wasted’ energy and opportunities to avoid this.

IMServ’s end-to-end metering and data collection services empower businesses to take full control of their energy management, providing you with quality, accurate data. Our DataVision energy management platform provides businesses with easy-to-interpret visualisations of your energy data, allowing you to track your progress on your path to becoming net-zero.

With a clear overview of your energy consumption data, giving you a starting point as a benchmark, you can monitor the impact your energy efficiency actions have on your energy usage – and cost savings!

We believe that accurate energy data and analysis, coupled with robust Meter Operation services, are a great driving factor on the journey to net-zero emissions.

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